03 March 2010

Family History Books - an explanation

I write weekly letters about our adventures of the week, and our adventures in the various countries we live in. I started when we moved to Moscow, Russia and have continued with each country since. When we leave a country (approximately every 2-3 years) I publish the letters (written in Word) into a book at Lulu I design the book, including the cover which is always a picture of something I love in that country, a picture I took. And when the finished product arrives I feel such a sense of accomplishment...and a hope that when our kids are older and we give them each their own copies of the books, they will appreciate the adventures we took as a family, the memories we created, and love the books. I can hope!
They are truly our family history, a recording of our lives' adventures!
*I get no compensation from Lulu for a mention in this post. It is just the website I use to publish my books and have been happy with the outcome.


Fraser's and Co. said...

And I am SOOO glad you keep up your letters/blog. It is so much fun to keep up with you.

I just printed my blog for the past 2 years, and I did it through blurb.com. They have a great product, and download your entire blog in about 10 minutes. Then you can include as many/few pictures as you desire. I'll have to post pictures of my book.

Rebecca Smylie said...

Kellie these really are fantastic. Would I had your artistic sensibilities! But I'm inspired. They're beautiful.